Membership at BGSPO

Why joining BGSPO?

Your advantages with the Membership of BGSPO:

Within the member’s area you can:

      • • Keep you in contact with leading Bulgarian professionals in the field of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
      • • You will receive advance notifications of events and information about scholarships
      • • Membership offers reductions in registration fees for BGSPO events
      • • Access to additional medical information and features using your membership login
  • • Savings to the registration fees for the BGSPO meetings and events
  • • Access to a local community of professionals in the areas of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
  • • Access to the online membership directory for up-to-date member contact information and members-only content
  • • Opportunity to serve on BGSPO committees to influence the national and international efforts in research and scientific communication
  • • Search for other members and send private messages
  • • View BGSPO Articles of the Society
  • • View Guidelines
  • • Receive Newsletters which will keep you up to date with events

Honorary Members

Prof. Dr. John Russell, Ireland
Prof. Dr. Martin Bailey, UK
Prof. Dr. Alan Cheng, Australia

Prof. Dr. Jean Michel Triglia, France
Prof. Dr. Richard Nicollas, France

Prof. Dr. Hassan Ramadan, USA
Prof. Dr. Assen Koitschev, Germany